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Casebook: AI and the future of intelligence

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  • LO2: Define AI and differentiate between narrow and general AI.
  • LO3: Outline the history of AI from both a technical and social perspective.


Alpha-Go plays GO - but can't play anything else.   So the code is based on very specific  problems only. 


creaking the fundamental mystery of human life.  How are sepcices work. Long time agao, we figure out where we are in the universe, then we figured out how we evolved, then biology and today its intelligence. 


In Professor Winston’s videos, he referred to intelligence as being a “suitcase word”: a term introduced by Marvin Minsky to describe words that are too broad for a precise definition. Drawing on what you have learnt so far in this module, consider how your understanding of artificial intelligence has been broadened and discuss the following questions with your peers:



  • What does intelligence mean to you, and what are some different kinds of intelligence? 

"Intelligence"  is a suitcase word. Its really really difficult to define this term.  However much we each try, there will always be a different definition of this noun.   Each of us has the ability to view a complex problem with different lens.  What is a perfect  definition of "intelligence"  ?


Its as complex as trying to define a new equation that superceeds a  the Navier-Strokes theorem  for fluids in space. 


In my view points, intelligence is related to the following ;


Practical = >  ability to step out of car way of the car,  even if you  if you had the right of way to on the cross over.

Analytical  = >   why do all the drug dealer stay with their mothers . ( Freakonomics ) .

Creative = > the ability to be at the right time and take the right picture  ( it took one week to capture)

emotional intelligence =>  individual's ability to process emotional information and use it to navigate the  social environment.  Criticisms have centered on whether EI is  real intelligence.  EI is still an open debate.. one of the questions I have always asked is "when do we measure how much we love our family, sons, daughters ?" Where did this EI originate  and what are the vectors that  support a measurements ?

Intuitive intelligence = > intuition, a is less about suddenly "knowing" the right answer and more about instinctively understanding what information is unimportant and can thus be discarded.



  • What makes a machine intelligent? 

Machine intelligence is what’s created when machines are programmed with some (but not all) aspects of human intelligence, including learning, problem solving and prioritization. With these (limited) abilities, a machine can tackle a complex set of problems ." 



  • Should machine intelligence be measured in relation to how closely it can simulate human intelligence? 


Yes for sure. !!

Alpha Go can only play Go, so its constraints are limited to the game GO.  True Machine intelligence needs to be set around a complex domain based  scenario's.  e.g be a gamer !


 Today, we have human "e-sports gamer" that can play human2human or  human2machine . In the 2nd quadrant , the machine is programmed to play GO , the human can adopt to chess or monopoly but the machine cannot unless its totally rejiggered to play that game.  Where as in the 1st quadrant  both players will adopt on the fly to figure things out. This level of adoption could certainly be a measure of machine intel. 



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