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In pursuit of collective intelligence

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LO4: Articulate how computers and people can be combined to foster collective intelligence.




In  today time and space, one good example of  this  type of collective intelligence is the  CCI of MIT  and the Climate  CoLab initiative  Where  "community of over 120,000 people -- including hundreds of the world’s leading experts on climate change and related fields -- work on and evaluate plans to reach global climate change goals." 


In yesterdays time and space,  one of the 1st open source  crowding initiatives was about creating the LINUX  OS.  This went against the grain of the legacy UNIX consortium's and allowed decentralized to occur by the community and for the community,  30 years later and in today's time and space more than then half of the global IT infrastructure is running  Linux OS or one of its hybrids. 


So having articulate some use case of people + computers , the next step would be is to create a framework of best practices  that sustains ;  cultivation, cross pollination and propagation of machines and people to create synergies and ecosystems that have yet  to be created. 


  • Does your organization operate intelligently? 

For the most part, I would like to think that !!  However, the reality is the organization is not always connected through out the value chain.   There exists  knowledge and information gaps.  


  • How do managers in your organization connect and combine people with machines to augment collective intelligence? 


We have a dedicated  team that deals with  Data Science,  Operation research and Open innovations.  Along with that we have an internal ideas platform where anyone can drop their idea. In addition  we recognize that digital disruptions is  due to the emergence of powerful start-ups and we partner with startups to augment intelligent solutions.  Case in point,   forklift training for warehouse operators is  thru a virtual application that was developed by our organization along with a research partner in logistics and digitization.   



  • What do you imagine the role of AI should be?

I am using the 2030  Sustainable  development Goal  report as a primer to position my thinking for the 2030 "Internet of Sense".    To succinctly put it "In the game of life and evolution, there are three players at the table: human beings, nature, and machines. I am firmly on the side of nature. But nature, I suspect, is on the side of the machines" - George Dyson. 


AI will eventually help humans find a sustainable paradigm for singularity, where AI devices/machines  and humans are in harmonization. 



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