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I am a farmer of thoughts and ideas, for a Business Enterprise, a Thought Leader. I love open dialogue on  Supply Chain,  Project Management. & Strategy. Business Landscaping  in various vertical segments is a passion for me.  Most of my projects are meshed together with a high degree of technology and innovations. I enjoy Entrepreneurship, Agile Methods , Change Management.


My current folio is in the vertical segment of Supply Chain and Int'l Trade Services. I manage value propositions in upstream and downstream channels. When creating Trade Partner Channels, it's very interesting, because we are tasked to produce streams which are secure and in compliance with many Government organizations. For example, we need our processes and systems to comply to Canada Border Services Agency  (CBSA), Customs Border Patrol of US (CBP) and other government agencies.  Yet at the same time, we need to ensure that bottom line wealth is created and sustained between all partners.  What’s interesting in my arena, is that there are so many changes with government rules and regulations, plus with the changing edge of technology, makes the field dynamic to create an innovative synergy. Thus an, "an interesting to work within" paradigm.


Currently, my personal areas of interest are in SCM and AI and its related new services. I believe the future is here, but just not evenly distributed.


I am Certified by CBSA  with a “Qualified Customs Broker" Status.  At times, I work with the Governments Directorate's- 'Policy Plannings' and 'Major Projects Office', plus with Fortune 500 Companies. My white papers are always confidential and require NDA's.  Right now, I don't dabble much in coding and past life worked with Prolog (C, Java , TCL/tk (beta tester for neural networking code). also obtained an MCP ( Microsoft Certified professional). My Masters thesis write was on IPv6 Networking. Currently involved with various beta Flavored software.  I am always interested in bleeding edge technologies, which right now with interests on hacking RFID technlogies , NLP and Machine Learning. 


Between my spare time, I play tennis and love spending time with  Ms.Socks. If given a chance, I'll raze my head for a charity (Sick Kids ). I follow a strict mixed regime of Tai chai, mediation and prayer for quite  long time (yeah like 27 yrs !!).  I do love Wining & dining, cooking, long walks and whatever seize me for that moment. Oh BTW, I am good at being bad and when I get bad, I just get better. That's the peterpan in me :)-


I have traveled through Asia, Middle East , Europe and some of the north America's. I have experienced most of the natural elements ;

  • Mountain's,  trekked thru KodaiKanal, Otty,  and other hill stations of the southern ghats of South India !
  • Desert , Wahabi Sands the empty quarter of Oman . Did some sand /sickle dune, 4x bashing
  • Rivers- Rowed across and with the River Cauvery, the biggest rivers in south India.  (yeah forget white water rafting with proper gear.This is like take a trip in a bamboo cup, kinda raft !! )
  • Plains , Travel across India. not really important but backpacked sitting a freight train :)-
  • Sea , a 4 days (up chucking experience) on a deep sea fishing troller of Madras- sick as a pig will not do that again. The sea is frightening !
  • Forest (Provincial  Parks ) Canada and being a guest of the Forestry  Department of South India.


The only nature  experience left for me (a Snow Desert) , is a sledge ride /trek thru the Northern Areas.  Yep take a pack of Huskies dogs and go for a sledge ride.   I currently reside in Toronto, Canada. The North America’s is the 4th continent that has been blessed with my footprints.  My ethnicity is a mix of Burmese and Mexican Mayan Indian Portuguse.  I trace my genealogy y back to the early 1700's. 


I was born in Bangalore, India, in our home at Magadi Road. Dad was a Policeman and Mom was a Teacher. God bless their soul's.


I value Integrity, Honesty and Trust.


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