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Principal Managment

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Principled Management



  • The only thing that endures over time is the law of nature - i.e. to prepare ground, put in the seed, cultivate it, weed it, water it and gradually nature growth and development to full maturity.


  • Principle leadership is a new paradigm - that center life and leadership of people on certain "true north" principles. Correct principals are like a compass , they always point to the true point. If one knows how to read the signs- one does not get lost, confused or followed by conflicting voices and values. These principles are self-evident , self validating natural laws - they do not change or shift. They provide ‘true north’ when navigating the ‘streams’ of life.


  • Real empowerment comes form having principles and practices understood and applies. Practice's are ‘what to do’ to fit a specific circumstance. Principles are the ‘why to do’ element upon which practices are built. The challenge is to be a light and not a judge. To be a model and not a critic.


  • "Yoke up" in life is the means of a mission statement in life rather then just a career statement. One ‘yokes up’ with another to carry out a specific duties or task. This also means to carry the load and pull the cart. It could be with a coworker or spouse. The essence of ‘Yoking up’ is the aspect of humility - humility with knowledge to know that one has the strength , integrity and humbleness to ‘yoke up’ in life.


  • The discovery of learning is self initiated and feed upon by itself. The more that is learnt - the more that is realized of what is not known. As the inner circle of knowledge grows -so does the outside edge of ignorance.


  • Quality begins with the inner person , who make their own decisions based on carefully selected principles and values. The idea is not ‘I am responsible’ rather ‘I am response able’.


  • Imagination and conscience are 2 key elements - ones does not rely on memory alone. Memory is based on past response to same or similar stimuli. Memory links one to the past. imagination points to the future. Potential is unlimited -but to potentate is to ability to achieve ones capabilities no matter what the conditions.


  • The discovery of ‘the power to choose’ is the axiom of ‘if one has a why’ then one can ‘live with any what’.


  • Willpower is the art of living a disciplined life that focus heavily on the important but not necessarily urgent activities of life. Its a life of leverage and influence. On continuum one goes from being driven by crisis and having can't and won't powers to being driven and focused on the importance on being ‘response able’ and the will power to realize them.



  • Courage and consideration are the true scales of life. Seek first to understand and then to be understood. The ability to learn and listen requires restraint, respect and reverence. The ability to make oneself understood comes from consideration and courage to create.


  • Synergy is the art of creation - not alone -rather with the ‘yoke of life’, being ‘response able’ , with the power of choice and the will power (vision) for change and creation.




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