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Supply Chain Output KPIs

Procurement & Supplier Management KPIs

  • Number of suppliers managed / purchasing FTE
  • Supplier in full
  • Supplier on time
  • Supplier rejections
  • Average variable cost of placing order with supplier
  • Cost of purchasing as % of gross sales
  • Total procured spend as % total business costs
  • Account payable days


Inventory Management & Forecasting

  • Number of SKUs / Line Items
  • Stock turn over - finished goods
  • Stock turn over - raw materials
  • Level of accuracy in Catalogue
  • Stock available at customers first request
  • Sales Forecasting Accuracy by SKU and volume
  • Inventory obsolescence
  • Inventory management cost as % of gross sales
  • Inventory holding costs (IHC) as % of gross sales
  • Interest charge for IHC
  • Inventory holding costs (IHC) as % of inventory value
  • Average inventory value
  • Raw material days (if relevant)
  • Work in progress days (if relevant)
  • Finished goods days

Warehouse / DC KPIs

  • Number of order processed in DC per day / FTE
  • Time product availability for sales after receipted
  • Order picking accuracy rate
  • Service level - DIFOT (delivery in full on time)
  • Inventory items incorrectly located
  • Inventory items with incorrect stock balances
  • Warehouse shrinkage
  • Total warehouse time lost per person thru injury
  • How many times is product handled
  • Picking productivity by pickers and all staff
  • Inventory accuracy rate at Item level
  • Average lead time in DC
  • Number of DC in network
  • DC / Warehousing cost as % of gross sales or GP

Transport KPIs

  • Number of customers order despatched per day / FTE
  • How often are trucks fully loaded
  • Amount of backloading
  • On time deliveries
  • Total Cost as a % of gross sales or GP

Customer Service KPIs

  • Number of customers order processed per day / FTE
  • Average lead time for all orders
  • Order entry accuracy
  • Delivered in full to customer - by case / unit
  • Delivered in full to customer - by line / SKU
  • Delivered in full to customer - by order
  • Delivered on time to customer
  • Time window that defines on time
  • In full - on 1st request or negotiated or std?
  • Percentage of customer claims
  • Product returns
  • Product Damage
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Customer Service Cost as a % of gross sales or GP
  • Accounts receivable days
  • Retrieval of signed PODs
  • Stock Outs

Supply Chain KPIs

  • Total logistics cost as % of gross sales or GP
  • Cost / Order despatched
  • Cost / Line despatched
  • Cash Cycle
  • Logistics Cost / Customer
  • Cost as a % of COGS
  • Gross Profit
  • Cost as a % of Gross Profit

Production KPI's

  • Production adherence to plan weekly 


Supply Chain Management Input KPIs


Company Profile

  • Sales

Supply Chain Management

  • Existence of Business Plans
  • Deployment of Business Plans
  • Who reports to who in the Supply Chain
  • Existence of Service Level Agreements
  • Frequency of employee survey
  • Performance of MRPii process
  • Number of times product is handled
  • What Cross functional KPIs
  • Software used to support Supply Chain
  • Electronic commerce used in what activities

Procurement and Supplier Management

  • Procurement Policy Document
  • Where does Procurement Mgr report
  • Strategic Supplier Base Analysis
  • Supplier Evaluation Program
  • Number of joint improvement programs
  • Rationalising Supplier Base
  • Number of Sole Suppliers
  • Length of contacts with Suppliers
  • What KPIs to manage procurement
  • No. & Value of Purchase Orders

Inventory Management

  • Inventory Policy document
  • Pareto analysis of Inventory
  • Customer and Product profitability
  • Stock turn performance standards
  • How often lead times reviewed
  • Who owns Finished Goods Inventory
  • Who owns Sales Forecast

Distribution Centre / Warehouse Management

  • Frequency of stock taking
  • Random storage in DC
  • Barcodes and scanners used in DC
  • Picking documents printed in printing sequence
  • Batch Picking
  • Products ordered together stored together
  • Timeslotting in DC
  • KPIs used to manage DC

Transport Management

  • How many transport contractors used

Customer Service

  • Number of customers
  • Customer Service Policy Document
  • When is invoice created
  • Customer Research into Service Performance
  • Use customer research to develop SC strategies
  • Customer payment terms
  • Customer Service KPIs used

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