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Global Compliane Model

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This space is dedicatd to tracking the works of Jonathan Price  who indicated "The reason I'm asking the above is I'm working on a web project which will provide a great platform for Global Trade Compliance experts to publish and share information rich content with compliance executives. I want to ensure all key areas of trade compliance are covered." < here>


Key global topic areas:

1. Anti-Corruption and Bribery
2. Customs
3. Export Controls
4. Import Controls
5. Sanctions and Boycotts
6. WTO and Free Trade Agreements
7. Corporate Compliance Programs

Each key topic further broken down as follows:

Anti-Corruption and Bribery
- International Regimes
- Fighting Public Sector Bribery
- Enforcement
- Reporting


- Tariff Classification
- Origin of goods
- Valuation
- Trusted Trader Programmes
- EU Modernized Customs Code
- Customs Harmonisation
- eCustoms
- World Customs Organisation
- Incoterms
- Transfer Pricing
- Automation

Export Controls

- EAR (US)
- EU Controls
- Commodity jurisdictions (CJ) and classifications (CCAT)
- Encryption/Secure Email
- Strategic Control Lists
- Deemed Exports
- Due Diligence and Screening

Import Controls

Sanctions and Boycotts

- Anti-Boycott (US)
- EU Sanctions
- UN Sanctions
- Sanctions for Financial Services Institutions

WTO and Trade Zones

- Free Trade Agreements
- Preferential Trade Agreements
- Bilateral Trade Agreements

Corporate Compliance Programs

- Compliance Automation
- Compliance Policy
- Supply Chain Security
- Strategy and Best Practice
- Due Diligence and Screening
- Mergers & Acquistions
- Whistle-blowing
- Investigations
- Audit
- Contracts

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