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MIT 15390X feedback

Page history last edited by /pd 5 years, 4 months ago

This is feedback page of  what I dd for others.  For some I could not Remember  . please treat this as  scratch pad of mine 




 Fine Print   Good job 
Online Store - Spices (healthy Eating) FDA / USDA has rules/regulations with imports of these products
Book Writing  Many books on Economic Analysis exist at a thesis  /academic level. Write eBook




H/W video   High risk area,. Need to have deep pockets for prototyping (  I have seen the inside of the  EMC - multiple process  line ups. 
online site Good Idea for  physio and support works
3 kahoots seen this at start up phase. (its local to me)    This is gaining traction
this user inputs the same text as the assignment description   this user inputs the same text as the assignment description 
technology healthcare  good  space to play in 





Crude Ethonal Good Rsearch area . seek non Profit funding and Govenrment grants
web Dev- E Commerece  This is old stuff. Become a digital jedi. 
3 High Level Sports created a community of parents , sports persona 
nurtriants add  solynet case is  bio engineered. GmO and other  food process need to be taken into consideration
intelligent health care Good area to focue. Do more research


PRODCut 10 word



[1..10] [..spices.. nutrients]  not a sentence
S/w Valuable Althees Good scope
3 Handbag Excellent slogan
Windscreen warmer Good stuff
Opprtunities for friend and neighbours unclear - not a biz case ?




University  Not cohesive enogh 
UNI /Resturant Work /study plan in a resturant . This is already happening at STARBUCKS
University - CA  Under-Grad vs Grad studies.   College Vs Uni. Case study of Toronto.    
University - East Europe  Case of Creating a university for East EU sectors 
5 Univesity Not clear





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